Design For Special Circumstances:

We all need the advice of an expert sometimes, and how-to videos don’t always cut it. The goal of this app is to give people a simple, intuitive way to connect with an expert in nearly any field within seconds so they can feel more informed and more prepared to face their everyday (and not-so-everyday) problems. Whether you need interior design advice, a question answered about website SEO, or have a technical question for a professional pilot, you can get your answer here.

The app allows you to pose a question to any expert and, if they feel they are the best to answer it, they can schedule a short video session for you to ask away! The app will be free to use, but will require payment for any video calls done over the platform.

For people at the age of 18-40 years 

Responsive web app 

Real-time and face-to-face communication 

Different fields of experts (i.e. plumbing, technology, math, career advice, design critique, etc.).


Enable anyone, anywhere to instantly chat with an expert in virtually any field.


Users don’t find the right app for their needs, there are too many apps for different categories.

The interface can be confusing with too many topics.

Often there are too many categories in one app. 

Existing apps not only give expert advice, the user does not know if the advice is professional or not.

Users don’t know who to ask in which situation. 

Users need advice within seconds/minutes, very often they can’t wait too long.

Our expert app users need a way to ask different, real experts for individual advice because they want professional help regardless of time, category or location.

We will know that this is true when we see how many people ask for advice in our app and how many questions have been marked as successfully completed.

An app that suggests experts, taking the basis of the question posed by the user.

The suggestions are ordered by categories with reachable experts, and enable to ask them directly.  

The user interface is simple and focuses on being able to ask different types of questions, reflect the professionalism of potential experts, and enable the creation of an individual expert network

Double Diamond,


Design Thinking,

Card Sorting, A/B Testing,

Usability Tests, User Interviews, Surveys

Competitive Research, Benchmarking Analyse


In order to better understand our target group, we conducted user interviews. The interviews were attended by men and women aged 18-55 with a solid understanding of apps and online services.

Goal 1: Understand user behaviour in the situation where a person needs someone to ask questions about.

Since situations where advice is needed come unexpectedly, I want to learn more about the behavior, the thinking processes, and the first steps that show me how the user is trying to find a solution. 

Goal 2: Determine which tasks users would like to complete with an advice app

Whether technical, professional or interpersonal advice, depending on the situation and personal attitude of the user, various aspects play an essential role in how and whether someone shares his or her personal concern or not. I want to find out where potentials or even limits lie and in which situations an app would make sense at all. 

Goal 3: Document User Pain Points with existing competitor apps

To stand out from other apps, it is important to analyze where others fail. What the user doesn't understand, what bothers him or doesn't like, negative aspects of competitor apps offer a good way to turn them into potential opportunities. The analysis helps, on the one hand, to prevent making the same mistakes as others and on the other hand to better understand and focus the user's needs for a guide app. 


In order to make our target group more tangible, we have used the test results to create personas that exemplarily reflect the needs and characteristics of our potential users.

User Journey

To make our design more user-centric and therefore more successful from our users’ point of view, a user journey or user flow is a good way to check which screen, page or feature is necessary to achieve a goal or task when interacting with our app. The needs of each persona must be met at every point in the user flow.

Sketches & Wireframes

The first wireframe sketches focused on the areas of asset placement and application flow.

Fidelity Mockups

Mockups were provided on both medium and high fidelity to further optimize design elements and overall usability.

Expert Search


Test plans and scripts were created for the execution of usability tests in order to use them as a guideline for all sessions. This helped to remain objective during the interviews and to get all questions answered. Personally, I prefer moderated in-person test methods because they give you a live impression of the user’s feelings and behavior and you can possibly ask questions.

All tests contained a curated list of questions, tasks and scenarios to best build the experience. Finally, a test report with all results was created. A Rainbow Spreadsheet helped to keep track of different priorities.

Prototypes & Design

The click dummy simulates a web app oriented application that delivers “experts” to users who can ask for advice anywhere, anytime.

Professional advice can be spontaneous or planned long-term, and the user decides for himself how much he is willing to pay for the individual help.